Sunday, November 4, 2012

C4K for the month of October

Airborne954 C4K #3

Airborne 954 is a fourth grader at Union Pleasant Elementary in Hamburg, New York. Airborne 954 wrote an essay comparing and contrasting cats and dogs. The student told the how cats are related or evolved from the saber tooth tiger and dogs are related to the wolf. The student goes on to tell how the cat and dog became domesticated animals. Airborne essay was very well written, and he stated that his favorite animal was a dog.

The Age of Exploration Blog, Group Work

The post on group work was written by a 10th grade student in Modern World History. Themcpatrick outlines how to have a better attitude when working in groups with others. When working with others you either get good or bad group members. Often, you spend most of you time wondering what each person should do and how you should tell other group members you do not like their ideas. Themcpatrick suggest 7 things that could help group projects flow smoothly.
1. Make a plan, so that you know what you are doing.
2. Don't spend a lot of time researching in beginning, find general topics.
3. Break longer assignments into smaller assignments.
4. Don't try and change personalities, check yourself for attitudes or problems, and include everyone that wants to be involved in the assignment.
5. Don't wait until someone make a decision. Waiting wastes times, you should make a decision and explain it.
6. Don't let artistic abilities be the main focus of the project.
7. Communication, communication, communication.
The most important rule wh en working together is "COMMUNICATION", because with communication the entire assignment would be a total failure.

C4K on Kyah

Kyah is a fifth grader in Mrs. Goerends's class. Kyah is a new soccer player at Vision Soccer Academy. Kyah is on the select soccer team and her soccer coaches are Victor and Ashley. Soccer is a favorite sport of Kyah's and she likes to be competitive with Zea.

C4K on Kara

Kara is a fourth grader in Danielle Spencer's class in Canada. Kara shares an animoto she has created of pictures in Canada. Kara shares some beautiful pictures of the animals and landforms of Canada. Below is the animoto that Kara made. Canadian Shield

Special Edition C4k Trinity College and Book of Kells

The Trinity College and Book of Kells blog are from two professors Dr.Vitulli and Dr. Santolli from the University of Alabama in Ireland on an international conference in education. Dr. Vitulli added pictures of Trinity College, which was founded by Queen Elizabeth because she wanted the Protestant men to have a better education. Dr. Vitulli also added a picture of Ireland's library where they have the Book of Kells manuscripts and one of the manuscripts was written in calfskin, which is known as vellum. From answering the questions in Dr. Vitulli’s post, I learned that author Jonathon Swift and journalist Robert Fisch attended Trinity College. I enjoyed the pictures and educational facts Dr. Vitulli shared and I am looking forward to looking at the other post by Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santolli.
trinity college in Ireland. Students are walking around the campus

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