Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Assignment 12

How will you teach me in the 21st Century?
Watch the video by Melinda Kraft a student obtaining her Master degree in Education Media and Design Technology.

Watch Engage Me. The video was made by students at Robin Hood Primary School in Birmingham. Then in a blog post answer the question from How will you teach me in the 21st Century? and explain why 21st century children should be taught differently. Keep in mind what you saw in Engage Me. Follow the requirements in Writing a Quality Blog Post

As an elementary school teacher you never know what subject you are teaching. Watch How to Use iPad in the classroom and explain how using iPad in your classroom will be beneficial as a teacher and student. You should also include at least two apps you can use in an inclusion classroom.

a chalk board image of a computer, with why can't Johnny blog?

After commenting on the C4C that was assigned, I know understand that I was to not only construct an assignment, but I had to do the assignment. I guess I overlooked that part in the instructions, but the assignment is below. As teachers we always emphasis how important it is to read the directions fully and clearly, however, I am guilty of not reading the entire directions.

How will you teach me in the 21st Century? and Engage Me

As a teacher in the 21st century, I plan to integrate technology in the classroom because a child in 21st century world revolves around technology. I will start by teaching children the appropriate uses of technology in the classroom and teach students how important technology is in the classroom. Children need to understand that social media are not meant to degrade one another, but could be used to help them communicate effectively and become a scholar in writing. When students understand blogging, Wikis and PLN, then they will understand how important it is to collaborate and share information with others. Children will enjoy communicating globally through the tools that technology allows and collaborate with others around the world. Children see how most of the older generation welcome technology with open arms, but when the children enter the classroom they are bombarded with paper and pencil work and is not able to see how technology can be used in the class. How do we explain the elderly using technology at home, but the place where children are sent to learn cannot integrate technology in the classroom? Teachers use technology every day whether it is for emailing, looking up assignments or sending the attendance, but they refuse or never give the students the opportunity to enhance through technology. We as teachers must do better and allow student to use technology.

Teaching in the 21st century is definitely different from what teachers is use to in early years. If someone wants to become a teacher in the 21st century, they must ask themselves if they are ready to arise to the challenge of being technology literate. Inspiring teaching has to be technology literate, but they also have to be willing to allow students to express their creativity and enhance their learning through technology. Today children live in a world that revolves around technology and in order to reach the 21st century learner, we as educators, have to integrate technology in the classroom. Teachers should not be afraid to try new things because the 21st century learner needs teachers that are willing to stand behind them and coach them when in need. Children use technology every day, and if we teach them the correct way to use the technology in the classroom, then we would be effectively educating them to express themselves through technology. Many teachers are so caught up in only using technology as a fun project, but if technology is integrated in every assignment, it is still considered learning. Learning does not have to be boring, but that is what many teachers and administrators think. Teachers and administrators think if students are using technology the entire class then they are not learning, but they are DEAD WRONG, they are learning.

How to Use iPad in the classroom
Using technology in my classroom would be beneficial as a teacher because it allows me to see how the students are thinking and if the child is learning. If I am able to monitor the students through technology, I can see where they made a mistake, and they will be able to ask a question. If a student has a question instead of having to raise their hand, the student can message me secretly and ask the question, also allowing me to see where they need to be remediated. As the videos How will you teach me in the 21st Century? and Engage Me shows, students are around technology every day, therefore, using technology in the classroom allows them to use what they know best and learn the proper way to use it in the classroom. Technology can serve as an electronic portfolio for the child, teacher, and parent to see the progress of the child’s work. However, if I was to teach an inclusion class, I would first see which subjects the child needs remediation and then I would find apps for the iPad to fit their remediation. Two apps I could use for math and language arts are Motion Math: Hungry Fish, which is an interactive math game and Word Wizard is an app that helps students with spelling.

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