Wednesday, November 28, 2012

C4K for the month of November

Schylar's Post C4K #8

Schylar is an eighth grader in Mr. Boylen's class in Iowa. Schylar read The Boy Who Owned the School, which is about a boy who was left out in school, and parents shows favoritism toward his sister. The boy was considered a geek and was failing a class, so his teacher allowed him to create a play. The student creates a play of what he would do if he owned the school. From reading Schylar post, he did not enjoy the book as much as he thought he would, but he said the book was okay.

C4K #9 Ibjoseph

Joseph is a ninth grader at Robertsdale High School in Mr. Cometti world history class. Joseph wrote a post on what Veteran’s Day mean to him and who he considers his hero and why. Joseph explains that we celebrate Veteran's Day because of the past and present military men and women that risk their lives so that we can be free. Unlike most children that have cartoon figures as their hero, Joseph's heroes are veterans because they defend our country. I loved Joseph's post because it was well written and the topic is something that I hold dear to my heart.

Joseph father getting pinned in his Air Force uniform and his father working on a aircraft

C4K #10, Daphane Student's trip to Montgomery

Students from Daphne East Elementary in Ms. Nelson and Ms. Yim class took a trip to Montgomery to visit the Old Alabama Town, which was a reenactment of things in Alabama in early years. The students also got a chance to tour the State Capital and the State house. The students created a short movie of the things they saw. I was assigned to watch the video the students created at the Old Alabama Town. The students shared pictures of the old cotton gin, the print shop, and an old slave home. The students also shared information they learned about each place they saw. Several students were given a chance to say something and they did a great job of creating the video. The students no doubt created the video in iMovie, but showed exceptional skills by adding the music in the background and giving the video an old time feeling by using the chalkboard. I was extremely impressed with the video and pictures the students shared.

Students from Daphne East Elementary taking pictures of Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley with iPads and other smart phones.

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