Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blog Assignment 10

I'm a Papermate. I'm a Ticonderoga

The cartoon by John T. Spencer is imitating a PC and Mac commercial. The papermate, which represents a PC, is stating, even though a PC is always breaking it is still cheaper. The Mac slogan is saying it is expensive, but is the best purchase a person can make and is represented by the Ticonderoga. After using a Mac in the lab, I see the benefits of the Mac and shortcomings of a PC, but overall I like PC. However, the Mac does have some advantages, for example, does not require virus software and other wonderful programs such as iMovie; therefore that goes to show that something with a better quality will cost the most.
a guy representing a papermate saying that I am cheap but I am breaking all the time. Ticonderoga is saying I am expensive but I am the best purchase.

Why were your kids playing games?

John Spencer's post "Why were your kids playing games" is about a principal bringing a teacher in because he observed her students playing games. The principal brought in professional developers the beginning of the year to inform teachers of techniques to help students with rote memorization skills. However, the teacher has been using advance simulators that required students to read, draw conclusions, but the principal does not consider the simulators as learning. The principal goes on to compare technology in the classroom to "Hang Man Fiasco of 1895" which he calls, a 'stretch' because anything fun and involves technology is not learning. The principal suggest the teacher uses 'intervention worksheets' or 'fill out algorithms' as another alternative to engage students.

The principal in Spencer’s post does not want the teacher to use any type of technology because he assumes if paper and pencils are not being used, then the students are not learning. Boy is he wrong, if paper and pencils are not being used then the children are using their critical thinking skills and are actually applying themselves to the lesson that has been taught. Many principals are willing to embrace the era of technology; however many old school principals are not willing to learn how beneficial technology can be or allow teachers to use it in the classroom. For the principal to think simulators where students have to use critical thinking, reading, and is engaged in the learning process not learning, then he should consider retiring. Technology has introduced a new way of teaching that does not require students to use pencil and paper to learn; however, pencil and paper can still be used in the classroom. Today teachers are teaching children that main source of entertainment is computers and video games; therefore, if teachers want to reach the new millennium students that are dependent on technology, they must use technology in the classroom to educate students.

Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?

Dr. Scott McLeod is the founding director of Center for Advance Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE), which is a program that shows schools how beneficial technology is in the classroom. McLeod is also one of the authors of the Did You Know video that Dr. Strange assigned the beginning of the semester. McLeod post is a warning to parents, teachers, administrators and school districts about allowing children to use technology. McLeod states there is no need to encourage students to blog or use social media to communicate because paper and pencil is not going anywhere. McLeod post states that anything that requires students to use technology or cell phones is evil. Children using technology cannot be trusted because they abuse technology for bullying and porn; however, he lets his children use it. Oh by they way, did I fail to mention McLeod's post was meant to be sarcastic.

However, I do agree that children use technology to bully, look up porn or other forbidden sites, but most children have not been taught to use it correctly. In today's society, children know how to work the latest technology, but they have not been trained on how to use it properly because some parents are not technology literate. If parents and teachers show children the importance and the proper use of technology, we would not have as many children abusing technology as we do today. Of course, I agree technology can be harmful, but everything has its pros and cons, but again students need to know the proper use from the beginning. Technology can be a powerful tool for all because it is always introducing something new. Technology is critical for the children of today's society because they are dependent on it from birth and we are preparing them for jobs that do not exist yet; therefore, we should allow children to learn all they can now.

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