Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blog Assignment #2

Did You Know

Dr. Strange's version of Did You Know 3.0 is explaining how fast technology is changing. The video shows how other countries are growing and learning English in relation to the United States. India has the most honor students compared to all the honor students in the whole United States, according to the video. Not only does India's honor students outnumber the whole population of the United Sates, but the video also states that China has more English speaking people than the United States and even more people are learning. With that being said, it is sad how English is the only language the United States has to learn, and some cannot speak it fluently, yet another country not only knows their language, but can speak English as well as the people that have spent their entire lives speaking English. Dr. Strange's version enlightens educators that technology is steadily changing, and we must continue to incorporate it in our teaching. We as future educators have a challenging job because not only do we have to prepare students for a job that does not exist yet, but we also have to incorporate technology which is always changing.

Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod’s, Did You Know, inform viewers about technology as a whole, not so much targeting education as Dr. Strange’s version does. Fisch and McLeod reveals that jobs created in 2010 did not exist in 2004, making me realize how fast the job market is changing. I am so use to using Google to look up things, but not once do I think about what was done before Google, when I had to find information on the web. The video also shows how technology and the internet help market things over a wide span. What stood out the most about this video is by the time a student is half way finish getting a bachelor’s degree, the information they have learned will is outdated. As a result, a student will never learn enough to do their job adequately because of the continuous change in technology. Both videos show how fast technology is changing, but if we want to succeed, we have to be willing to have an open mind and be ready to conquer every obstacle.
Mr. Wrinkle Walks

Mr. Wrinkle Walks by Mathew Needleman is about a man that wakes up after 100 years and finds that the world has changed. Mr. Wrinkle goes to several businesses and see that they are using computers, instant message, printer, and web cameras to communicate with people around the world. He is so confused and decides to go to a local hospital, upon walking into the hospital, he find patients on respirators. Mr. Wrinkle is amazed at everything he sees and decides to go inside of a school. In the school, Mr. Wrinkle finds that it is set up the same way it was when he was in school. Mr. Wrinkle discovers the classroom has not changed and students are still sitting in desk and listening the teacher lecture. Mr. Wrinkle finds a computer in a section of the room that no one has been using and is covered in dust.

I agree, that over 100 years, the technology world has changed. The medical world has discovered many medical advances that have helped people live longer and to have better lives. I also thank technology for allowing us to do business over the world and not having to leave our homes to do so, as Mr. Wrinkle observed. However, I am not pleased with the fact that Mr. Wrinkle goes into a school and find that over 100 years education is still the same. I do believe that education has changed,and not all of the changes has been for the better. Education changed for the worst by teaching students material for standardized test and not allowing students to be creative and think outside the box. However, I do agree that schools purchase expensive technology, but are so concerned about teaching how to take tests, that students are not using the technology. Overall, Mr. Wrinkle Walks is a great video that reveals how much technology has changed over the years.
Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson The Importance of Creativity suggests that schools destroy children creativity by only educating students academically and not creatively. According to Robinson, everyone is born creative, but schools force that creativity out of a child’s mind by emphasizing the importance of academics. Schools do not recognize art essential for students to be successful and rank art at the bottom of the teaching realm. Robinson states that even after the Industrial Revolution, public schools focused on educating the smartest and skilled workers. Public schools expect all students to excel academically and treat art as an extra circular activity, but not as a potential career choice. As Robinson inform us, all the education in the world does not guarantee a person a job, therefore, no matter how much a person succeed academically, a student's creativity ability could have a better success rate in finding a job.

I agree whole-heartedly with Sir Ken Robinson, public schools focus the majority on preparing students for standardized test and various test taking strategies. Students become bored with school, and some even start to misbehave, but I strongly believe students misbehave because they are not challenged artistically. However, if school systems emphasized on integrating arts into the curriculum as much as reading, math, and science, students would not only learn more but would be attentive during the lesson. Robinson opens my mind in seeing how valuable art will be in a class only if students had a chance to express themselves. Julian Lynn’s story about being in elementary school and her teacher thinking she had a learning disorder was the most influential segment of the video. More times than often, students are diagnosed with learning disabilities or having ADHD because they cannot focus or sit still in class, but if arts could be integrated in the lessons, there could be fewer cases.
A Day Made of Glass
Before watching A Day Made of Glass Unpacked 2: The Story Behind Corning's Vision, I did not understand what A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day Expanded was about. After watching Corning's video Unpacked with the dialogue, I got a better understanding of the presentation. Corning shows how the future will advance by using energy efficient devices and computer operated devices. The technological advances that are mentioned in the video allows children to have a more hands on learning experience and involves the children in the learning process. Some of the advances are used now to a certain extinct, such as smart boards and I pad, but the video shows a higher level of advances that I am sure over time will be more prevalent all over the world. If Mr. Wrinkle had woken up in a world like in the Day Made of Glass, he probably would have had a heart attack because everything was computer operated and made of some sort of interactive glass, from the school, parts of a vehicle, and the closet in someone's bedroom.

A Day Made of Glass allowed me to see how far technology has come and how fast it is growing. It seems every year technology is advancing and making life better and interesting. The advancement in technology provides many opportunities, such as allowing doctors to collaborate on projects halfway across the world. The video also makes me realize that as educators, we are preparing children to obtain jobs the does not exist. However, I understand why children must have an open mind to learning and to expressing their creativity to be successful.
An outdated computer with an arm sticking out the screen, with the words human computer interaction, the early stages


  1. Your links are not written correctly. Come to the lab for help.

    "...behind on honor students" No. It is a matter of population size. You could say that the 25% of the population in India with the biggest ears outnumbers ALL of the people in the United States with two ears.

    "With that been said, it is sad how English is the only language the United States have to learn and some can not speak fluently in it, yet another country not only know their language, but can speak English as well as the people that has spent their entire lives in speaking English." You are talking about yourself. Look at the corrections I had to make to correct your grammar and writing in just this sentence and the one that follows it:

    With that having (not have)have been said, it is sad how English is the only language the United States has (not have)have to learn and some can not speak it fluently omit in itin it, yet another country not only know knows (not know)their language, but can speak English as well as the people that has have (not has) spent their entire lives in speaking English. Dr. Strange's version enlighten enlightens (not enlighten) educators that technology is steady steadily (not steady)changing and we must continue to incorporate it in our teaching.

    There are a lot of similar mistakes (I counted at least 18 more) throughout your post. I will not correct them for you but you should either be more careful in your writing or consider going to the Writing Lab for help.

    I would also note the video says nothing about a comparative analysis of the quality of language use in the two countries.

    In general your comments are interesting and show that you read/listened to the material and understood it. You must work on your writing.

  2. Brittany,
    In your first post Did You Know 3.0, I feel like there were just a few mistakes. Your links were not written correctly. From a grammatical standpoint, I think your post was written very well but there were a few mistakes here and there. I liked the information you provided about the India and china languages on how they can speak multiple languages. In the next paragraph about Mr. Wrinkle Walks is a pretty straight forward video. Your grammar was okay and your argument was valid. I feel like you enjoyed this video on Glass. You responded great to the video with some pretty good detail on how you think the future is going to be. Just for future reference, make sure you do the title and Alt modifiers correctly. Overall i think your basic understanding of the videos were great but you need to limit the mistakes on the grammatical side.