Sunday, December 2, 2012

Project 13

For our group presentation, the ABC group used Google docs and Skype. I never used Google docs until I starting taking EDM 310. Google docs is a great tool that allows me to compose a document and then share with others in the group. I thought it was great not having to email a document every time we made a change, but with Google docs we were able to add information while seeing what others were doing. We used Skype to discuss things that were too long to text if we were working on the project at the same time. Skype is a great tool as well that allows us to communicate, and we could even share the screen with one another while we were working. Since using Google Docs, I hardly ever use Microsoft word, because I do not have to worry with the hassle of keeping up with a flash drive. With Google Doc, I can access the document at work, and it will automatically save everything I type without me having to click save after everything I write. We also use text and Gmail to communicate back and forth to clarify any misunderstandings or schedule dates to meet. I am eager to play with and learn other programs Google has to offer.

a cloud with all the Google apps, such as Google docs (spreadsheet, powerpoint), chat and GMail.

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