Wednesday, October 17, 2012

C4T #2

C4T on Michael Smith

Michael Smith has been in the education field for 17 years. He spent 4 years being a principal and the last 5 years Smith is serving as an assistant superintendent in Tuscola, Illinois. Smith mentions the scariest things in education are the government involvement, threatening weather, towards the end of summer, and website errors. Teachers are devastated when trying to show students things on the internet and inappropriate sites pop up. As soon the error appears, teachers are trying their best to correct mistakes by pressing 'ESC', 'DEL', or unplugging the computer. Teachers feel obligated to report such errors to the principals, but Smith does not understand why teachers are embarrassed when the error occurs. Teachers may be in a panic because they do not want parents calling about what their child has saw.
A guy's head in the center with the words Problem connecting to the internet. Problem message go to the website for more information

The Gangs Are Coming
Smith's post on The Gangs Are Coming is about how schools were when he was teaching. Smith states that when he was teaching gangs were very popular, and the teachers had to report any suspicious behavior or when students would wear certain colors that were gang related. The selling and using of drugs was also a big thing when Smith was teaching. As Smith states, every school have an issue they would like to resolve, anywhere from gangs to Y2K, swine Flu and cell phones. Students bringing cell phones was the latest issue almost every school tried to crack down on according to Smith. Administration and teachers thought bringing cell phones to school was just as corrupt as a gang being in the school was. I agree that today everyone has a cell phone addiction, young and old. Some teachers are so addicted to their cell phones, that they text or make phone calls in class when they are supposed to be teaching.
A girl using her cell phone in the hall way at school and a principal or teacher yelling at her with a bullhorn about using her cell phone

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